If you’re looking to purchase, today’s historically low rates will allow you to purchase a more expensive home without breaking your budget. We’re in that sweet spot of low prices & low rates.  Now is a great time to buy!

Some argue that you need to purchase today, because we see home prices beginning to rise.  However, others argue that the housing slump is far from over, and that prices will continue falling.  Excess inventories, they say, are the problem, and some estimate it could be several years before the market absorbs the extra supply.

Regardless, most insist this is a remarkable time to be a first-time home buyer, especially considering it is speculated the cost of rent will continue to rise.  Real-estate websites figure that buying is cheaper than renting in 98 out of America’s 100 major markets. 

Homeowners, who refinance to a lower rate, can reduce their monthly payment.  Many find this a great time to invest in rental property.

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