See What Our Clients Are Saying

Over the past twenty plus years we have been extremely fortunate to have built outstanding relationships with our clients. Below are a few of their enthusiastic comments.

“This weekend I will be finishing the move into my new house, the first I have owned. I just want to let you know what an outstanding job you have done. My scores improved by more than 100 points in a very short period of time. My mortgage broker says that you were very responsive and easy to work with. She is planning to refer folks to you, as is my realtor. Obtaining the mortgage would have been impossible without your help. Thanks so much for all your hard work.
Warmest regards.”
– Mike

“For more than thirty years, I’ve been a businessman, university instructor, and writer, and I’m pleased to note that your firm is one of the best I’ve encountered. You listened carefully to my case, processed the information, and efficiently presented a clear, detailed response that lead to a satisfying resoultion. Thank you!”
– Joe

“Credit Team does a great job in helping consumers to rehab their credit. They helped my brother get from a 590 score, automatic turn down, to a 621 approval score in a few months. My brother is now the owner of his 1st brand new custom built home. I would suggest anyone with credit issues to contact Credit Team to get assistance in improving their credit. Thanks”
– Tom , Senior Loan Officer Corvallis, OR

“Credit Team has proven to be beneficial to my clients. They are always pleasant and easy to talk to and work with. I can recommend their services without hesitation as the results speak for themselves!”
– CG, Mortgage Broker Honolulu, HI

“We had expected the normal level of service when we signed up with Kathy and her Credit Team. We were very pleasantly surprised, when after the team found an important error on our credit reports, that the service far exceeded our expectations. They were persistent and worked hard to get the issue resolved. Their actions also resulted in a refund check of $576 to us from the company that made the original error. A huge thank you to Kathy and her team!”
– Loretta & James

“I am so glad that my mortgage broker referred me to Credit Team. They have been instrumental in rectifying my credit and were very easy to work with. Credit Team is very reassuring and explains the process clearly, demystifying credit reporting and scoring.”
– Shelley

“Scott and I are delighted to know there is a good outlook on our credit history. You’ve given us results and insight in what to do in the future. Thank you!”
– Amanda

“Thank you so much for being so personal. Love that I can call you up and you almost immediately know my specific situation and my circumstances. Thank you also for always being so sweet on the phone.”
– Janet

“Thank you for all your efforts toward helping get us into a much better position. We truly appreciate your hard work and dedication.”
– Tom & Mo

“Again, thank you for your good work and admirable diligence in pursuing a successful conclusion. It’s much appreciated.”
– David

“We closed on our house this last Wednesday! Thank you SO much for all your help. We could not have done it without your help!”
– Josh & Melody

“I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for all your efforts and diligent work you put in to clear my credit records. It was worth every penny of your fee and I will recommend you to friends and anyone needing your services. You knew the right things to say and had the information to make these people understand that there are laws to protect people like us. Thank you so much!”
– Bonnie

“Very personable service. Explained things very well. Easy to work with. Got results on my reports! Credit Team helped me understand what was on my credit report that was hurting my scores. They explained to me what they could help me with and what I could do to raise my scores. I highly recommend their service.”
– DD

“I had occasion to need the help of Credit Team and have found their services to be outstanding and invaluable. The credit reporting agencies were unresponsive to my concerns. Credit Team was able to cut through all the unresponsiveness. Credit Team helped me greatly.”
– Richard

“You helped me obtain my goals much sooner than I thought possible. Thank you for your professionalism and sensitivity.”
– Mike

“Credit Team has been a phenomenal tool to closing more loans in the my mortgage broker business. Non approved customers become approved after working with Credit Team, helping me capture more deals. During this process I am kept in loop which grows a long term commitment with my clients…this is a win-win situation. My clients say they are extrmely pleased with thelp they have recieved, referring friends and family to both me and Credit Team. My business will continue to grow thanks to the relationship I have with Credit Team.”
– Debra, Mortgage Loan Officer, Bend OR

Some names have been changed and statements have been paraphrased to shorten them. Copies of original testimonials kept on file.