The last few years have been challenging and those challenges are often reflected on your credit reports.  As we recover and life returns to normal how do you move on in the credit world?

To improve report information and scores takes positive action.  Credit Team clearly explains a person’s options and lays out an individualized credit improvement path.  Our goal is to educate so our clients become more successful consumers.

Today, more than ever, renters are considering home purchase, however many of them haven’t seriously dealt with the information contained in their reports and have no idea where or how to begin.  Currently, the majority of Credit Team clients become first time home buyers or refinance to obtain lower rates.

If you are a lender or realtor in Central Oregon and want to explore the possibility of partnering with a local credit improvement counselor, who has extensive experience in the credit world and will work with your client to keep them excited about home ownership, we can help you grow your business.  If you have a potential client whose credit doesn’t qualify, let’s work together and assist them in realizing their goal!

We can do business with anyone, anywhere.  We simply talk via phone or Skype, use email and virtual signature service.


We look forward to connecting with you