This is what I am often told when reviewing credit reports and giving clients advise and options regarding the information in the reports. Once you know your path to improving the report information and scores, the sooner you can move down that path to recovery…raising your scores as high as possible, as quickly as possible! No two credit reports look alike, unless all your accounts have been opened jointly, so the path to improvement is different for every person. Maybe this path is short and straight, maybe long and winding, or somewhere in between. Having someone point you in the right direction is invaluable! If you are using cash for purchases, you aren’t going to prove yourself to the credit bureaus and usually won’t be able to obtain the credit you desire. If you aren’t dealing with negative credit report information, you probably won’t be able to obtain the credit you desire, either. And, just a few points can keep you from being able to obtain best rates.

‘Floundering’ in the credit world is unnecessary and very frustrating. Having a path and reaching your goal(s) is empowering! It is still only $49 for detailed analysis and consultation regarding your path to recovery.