Experian, Trans Union and Equifax do not generate your credit score. The three bureaus generate credit report, but they do not generate your credit score or advise lenders whether to approve or deny an application. There are several companies and dozens of scoring models, algorithms, that generate scores. If you are told your score is a FICO score, there are many different FICO scoring models. And, scoring models change as they attempt to accurately reflect risk. Risk can be determined by many things including the economy, which explains why carrying credit card debt during the recent economic crisis generated lower scores than in the past. If you get your score from one lender, that very likely won’t be the same score that you would get from another lender. Different scoring models weigh certain factors more heavily than  others. A credit union may look at different credit factors than a large financial institution, so they will use a different scoring model. This explains why a mortgage score is not the same as an auto loan score, and on and on!